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Agar Agar 900 100g IL Bakery


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Agar-agar is used as a thickener for the preparation of marshmallows, marmalade, "Bird's Milk", etc.
Usage: pour agar-agar into a liquid at room temperature and over low heat, stirring constantly with a whisk, bring to 95 ° C. The liquid should thicken and look like thick jelly. Thus agar-agar comes into effect. Then follow the recipe.
You can control the degree of density of the gelled mass based on the recommended dosage of 0.5-2% per mass of liquid in the recipe, depending on the desired result.
Vegetable substitute for gelatin. It dissolves in water at a temperature of 95-100*C.
Weight: 100g
Content in 100g:
Proteins: 8.5g
Fats: 0
Carbs: 83g
Energy value: 378 kcal / 1581.55 kJ
Ingredients: agar-agar; may contain traces milk and eggs.
Store in a dry, cool place, in sealed packaging.
Shelf life: 2 years from the date of production (see packaging)
Made in Indonesia.
Manufacturer: IL Bakery
1kg 89€


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