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Chocolate Callebaut Madagascar (67.4%) 200g


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Dark chocolate “Madagascar”, true to its name, is made from cocoa raw materials grown exclusively on this amazing island.
Great for decoration, ganaches and candies.
Tempering scheme: 45-50°C -> 27°C -> 31-32°C

Content in 100g
The energy value 549 kcal 2296 kJ
Fats (including saturated) 39g (24g)
Carbohydrates (sugar) 33g (30g)
Squirrels 7.9g
Salt 0.02g

Ingredients: cocoa powder, sugar, cocoa butter, soylecithin, vanillin.
Storage temperature: 12-20°C
May contain traces milk, soy, flavor additives.
Producer: CALLEBAUT Belgium.
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