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Chocolate Callebaut Bitter 70 30 38 (70.5%) 2500g


Dark chocolate by Callebaut

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"Recipe No. 70-30-38 is one of the dark chocolates that many chefs and chocolatiers around the world love. It has an intense yet very balanced chocolate taste. It has a roasted cocoa flavor and powerful bitter notes at the base. A well-balanced acidity and sweetness trait creates balance and contrast, the 70-30-38 recipe is perfect for enhancing the chocolate flavor in your creations, while also leaving more room for creativity when combined with other ingredients than many other similar examples with comparable cocoa content. fluidity 70-30-38 guarantees excellent end results in a wide range of applications: shaping and enrobing confectionery, flavoring ganaches, mousses, creams, ice creams, sauces."

Weight: 2500g
Content in 100g:
Energy: 539kcal/2255kJ
Fat: 39g (of which 23g saturated)
Carbs: 31g (sugar 26g)
Proteins 8.8g
Salt: 0.02g
Cocoa content: 70.5%

Manufacturer: CALLEBAUTS
Storage temperature: 12-20°C
May contain milk.
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