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Chocolate Callebaut RB1 (47.3%) 200g


Pink chocolate by Callebaut

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“After dark, milk and white, Ruby is the most unusual chocolate discovery in 80 years. This gift from mother nature surprises and dazzles with a brand new chocolate flavor and color created from ruby ​​cocoa beans - without the addition of any coloring or fruit flavors. Immerse yourself in its ruby ​​color. Lose yourself in its intense fruitiness and fresh, sour notes. Its unique taste and color invite you to create unique combinations and explore new ideas for confectionery, pastries and desserts. With its versatile fluidity, ruby ​​RB1 is ideal for a wide range of applications, from shaping and enrobing confectionery to flour mousses and more. Let the Ruby RB1 be the spark to ignite fresh creativity." — callebaut.com

Weight: 200g
Content in 100g:
Energy: 563kcal/2356kJ
Fat: 36g (of which 22g saturated)
Carbs: 50g (sugar 49g)
Proteins 9.3g
Salt: 0.27g
Cocoa content: 47.3%

Manufacturer: CALLEBAUTS
Storage temperature: 12-20°C
May contain milk.
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