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Printing on Wafer paper 0.6mm A4


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Food printing on edible wafer paper using food grade ink(E151, E110, E133, E122, E102, E404, E330, E202, E422).
You can create decorations and toppers for desserts yourself.
A4 format (210x297mm).
The color and saturation of the food print differs slightly from the classic one due to the limitations of the materials used. Large areas of the same color may have noticeable distortion. To maintain elasticity, the paper must be stored in a closed package.
File Requirements: Try to use files High Quality, format doc docx (Word file).pdf, or jpeg with proportions A4.
paper edges on the sides (5mm) and top-bottom (15mm) not printedso it's best to leave them empty. We do not format, modify or store files after use. The client is responsible for the content. Banknotes are not printed by hardware limitations!
Drawings with large black details are undesirable, in which case defects are possible.
Send files to info@candeebaar.ee with the order number in the subject line.

Paper composition: potato starch, water, olive oil, maltodextrin.
Store in tightly closed packaging in a cool dark place.
Size: 210x297mm
Nutritional value per 100g:
Fat (saturated): 3g(0.4g)
Carbs: 88.1g
Proteins: 0.1
Store in sealed packaging in a cool dark place.
Manufacturer: Germany Kopyform


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